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What are the Different Types of Broadband Technologies?

What are the Different Types of Broadband Technologies?

Many different types of broadband technologies are available and the speeds for these technologies vary; not all broadband technologies are available in every location. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) determine the type of broadband technology they can provide and the locations they serve.

ISPs usually advertise broadband by download speeds, or as a download speed “up to” so many mbps; therefore, understanding the actual technology when purchasing broadband can be difficult, and may not be as important as the broadband speed. However, some basic knowledge of the different broadband technologies, and the pros and cons for each, is important when comparing plan features and investing in a broadband service plan. Broadband technologies can be divided into two categories, wired broadband and wireless technologies.

Source: Information from Wisconsin’s Broadband Reference Guide produced by: WI Public Service Commission, UW-Extension Madison, and the Center for Community Technology Solutions, January 2014

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