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EducationSuperHighway is a non-profit organization working to upgrade the Internet access in every classroom in America, so that all students can take advantage of the promise of digital learning. They raise awareness of the connectivity gap, provide technical and procurement expertise to states and districts, and advocate on behalf of students to influence policy change.

  • 2017 State of the States - Reporting the current progress toward closing the K-12 connecectivity gap.
  • Fiber Toolkit - Understand why now is the best time to consider a network upgrade and how to plan for the future bandwidth and Wi-Fi needs of your district with the fiber toolkit from EducationSuperHighway.

Connect Iowa

Connect Iowa is a subsidiary of Connected Nation and operates as a non-profit in the state of Iowa. Connect Iowa, in conjunction with the Iowa Economic Development Authority, was commissioned to work with all broadband providers in the State of Iowa to create detailed maps of broadband coverage in order to accurately pinpoint remaining gaps in broadband availability in Iowa.

Final Grant Report - January 2015

Federal Communications Commission

Broadband technology enables transmission of wide ranging information contributing to safety, health and economic well-being. Broadband is a platform for opportunity and innovation in health care, education, energy, job training, civic engagement, commercial transactions, government performance, public safety and other areas. More Americans are online at faster speeds than ever before, yet challenges to the availability, adoption and utilization of broadband remain.


FirstNet has been obligated by the United States Congress to take all actions necessary to ensure the building, deployment, and operation of the nationwide public safety broadband network.

Office of the Chief Information Officer

The Office of the Chief Information Officer is the department responsible for managing and delivering infrastructure services to State agencies; establishing standards; reviewing and governing all information technology procurements and projects.

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