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Now that telehealth has been quickly rolled out across the nation and patients and clinicians have found the experience useful, it is unlikely that virtual doctor visits, in all its various forms, will be temporary.

Nearly 1-in-10 households with school-aged children lack a consistent internet connection that can be used for educational purposes at a time when millions of kids have been forced out of classrooms by the coronavirus, according to federal estimates released recently.

Across a number of different specialties, students – and even practitioners – can put practical technology skills to use and gain an emphasis on collaboration for the rest of their careers.

Florida International University announced that the university’s annual summer camps are going online as a result of continued social distancing requirements during the pandemic.

People nationwide depend on the Internet to go to work or school, maintain their health, and take care of loved ones. For residents of rural, Tribal, and other underserved areas, however, smooth, speedy access to the Internet isn’t always a given.

The $1 trillion proposal would jumpstart the U.S. economy after months of shutdowns due to the coronavirus. Though the plan isn’t finalized, lawmakers are wondering where the money would come from. 

Technology should support creativity in education. Here’s how one school district makes it work.

The coronavirus pandemic has acted as an "unexpected experiment" for telehealth, but despite its huge promise and the hopes of many that it will become the new normal, experts say it's difficult to predict what's next.

As schools made a fast transition to remote learning amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, many students fell behind due to a lack of high-speed Internet connectivity within their homes.

In a new twist on the Hippocratic Oath, infosec experts say hospitals must protect patient safety by identifying the areas most vulnerable to cyberattacks and deploying effective strategies to secure their networks.


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