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While COVID-19 has made continuity of public services more critical than ever, it has also made them more vulnerable. A few guidelines can help organizations prepare for and prevent ransomware incidents.

Facebook aims to improve the resources it provides American voters and will attempt to help more people register to vote ahead of the 2020 US election, according to a new op-ed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg published in USA Today on Tuesday evening.

Giving healthcare professionals the ability to help patients remotely can be a game-changer, from emergencies to rehab. But it requires a vision and a plan.

USDA officially kicked off round two of the ReConnect program, which will provide $550 million in loan and grant combinations to fund rural broadband expansion. The first round two award is granting more than $12.5 million for broadband services in rural Georgia.

The University of Texas at San Antonio is in talks with the Energy Department to establish a $70 million cybersecurity research institute, its mission to safeguard manufacturers who rely heavily on automation.

The bill, signed by the governor earlier this month, allows up to $5 million in annual spending from Florida's Turnpike Enterprise to help develop broadband infrastructure within or adjacent to multi-use corridors.

In addition to loss of life and economic costs, COVID-19 pandemic has also become a cottage industry for cyber-enabled fraud and other schemes.

The Rock County, Minn., Sheriff's Office last week marked the launch of its new smartphone app, which is a tool designed to communicate with the public about local law enforcement activities.

COVID-19 has transformed telemedicine into a widely utilized option for patients to receive safe health services. However, if patients don’t have computers, Internet or don’t speak English, it doesn’t work.

The Auglaize County, Ohio, Sheriff’s Office has made some changes in how inmate visitations are handled at the Auglaize County Correctional Center, and now people who want to speak with inmates will do so via video.


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