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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, one of those bureaucratic observances that looks good on an organizational calendar, yet is only as effective as people allow it to be. But in an environment in which working from home is the new normal, state employees have actually become more aware about cybersecurity, two statewide chief information security officers said during a webcast Thursday.

The tips and tools divided into the following categories...

  • Educate About Cybersecurity
  • Test Your Defenses
  • Adopt Proactive Cybersecurity
  • Prioritize, Remediate, Report

A new survey released this week found that overall customer satisfaction with telehealth is high, but barriers to access remain.

Researchers will study how four nursing homes used telehealth during the coronavirus pandemic to come up with a blueprint for other senior care facilities looking to launch a connected health platform.

When the coronavirus pandemic arrived, medical professionals scrambled to set up outdoor testing centers, telemedicine links and data hubs to track how the disease spread. For many communities, including in remote and underserved parts of the country, a lack of one key resource threatened to throw the whole effort sideways: broadband internet.

The Minnesota Judicial Branch has been operating almost entirely remotely for nearly six months, with no end in sight, and that way of doing things comes with a number of advantages and challenges.

Telehealth provides convenience to patients. It has the potential to improve patient outcomes by ensuring worrisome signs and symptoms are discussed with a clinician as quickly as possible. And it’s a lifeline during a pandemic for medically-vulnerable individuals who should not be going anywhere near other sick people.

It's a well-known development that cloud-based products and services have become increasingly popular during 2020, as businesses have been forced to find ways to support remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials with Kenergy Corp. and Big Rivers Electric Corp. told lawmakers Thursday Kenergy intends to move ahead on plans to create a regional broadband Internet service in Kentucky through a subsidiary.

Nebraska Medicine is dealing with a “security incident” affecting some of its information technology systems, a spokesman said Monday.


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