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Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) are growing ever bigger. Here's what's causing them. First, you should know that while the total DDoS attacks only increased by 4 percent from Q4 2015 to Q4 2016, there was a 140-percent increase in attacks greater than 100Gbps. In short, we're not seeing that many more DDoS assaults, but they are getting much worse.

Chairman Ajit Pai’s FCC on Thursday accomplished something former Chairman Tom Wheeler hoped to, but couldn’t when it unanimously voted to approve nearly $2 billion in funding for the Commission’s Mobility Fund Phase II program over the next decade. The Order adopted by the Commission will provide $453 million in annual support for the next ten years to help expand and preserve 4G LTE coverage across some of the 575,000 square miles of rural America and Tribal lands that currently lack the service. 

Almost 90 percent of patients surveyed by West say they can't manage their health on their own, and want a digital health connection with their doctor outside the doctor's office.

As the industry’s lovefest with 5G will be on full display at Mobile World Congress 2017, it’s also making the most of LTE, eking out every bit of capacity it offers. “Network operators see gigabit LTE as an opportunity to extend the return on their investments in 4G networks, and this is going to be one of the hottest tech topics in 2017 as leading operators around the world upgrade their networks,” analysts at CCS Insight said.

The Route Fifty editor-at-large documents how some small coastal communities are fighting for better telephone and internet services, but are advancing at a crawl.

The term “Smart Cities” is a popular topic in today’s urban jurisdictions – but what is a Smart City?

There were more than 40 steps in the roadmap, and FirstNet methodically has completed almost all of them. Most of these steps have been finished within the planned timetable, and the delays that have surfaced typically have been only a matter of a few days or weeks. FirstNet managed to do something that many considered impossible by establishing a framework for its network that meets even the most challenging aspects of its enabling legislation.

Iowa Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds attended the first ever “Girls Who Code” summit this weekend in at the Facebook headquarters in California. Reynolds says the purpose of the conference was to share ideas on closing the gender gap in technology fields. “It’ll encourage school districts to bring in high-quality computer science programs in elementary, middle school and high school," Reynolds says.

Deere & Co., the major farm equipment manufacturer, says it's opened a technology office in the Iowa State University's Research Park, with a focus on precision tech used at the company's agriculture, turf, construction and forestry divisions.

Roughly 1 in 5 Iowans does not have access to the broadband internet speed recommended by the federal government, and those who are underserved by and large live in rural areas. In addition to the luxuries afforded by broadband internet — streaming movies and music and online video game — access to broadband also can be important for education and health care, industry experts say.


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