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Officials have been tight-lipped about what happened, saying an investigation is ongoing and they are working closely with state and federal law enforcement and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency to investigate.

Across the country, government teams are pushing through roadblocks and finding new ways to get the job done while working remotely. The challenge is that as “how” and “where” work happens evolves, cyber threats likewise adapt. Adversaries are exploiting vulnerabilities and finding new ways to attack government networks and data. 

During a National Telecommunications and Information Administration webinar, speakers discussed how broadband organizations can influence economic development projects, job numbers, local revenues and more.

Every year, there’s always a few “must-have” toys on most kids’ holiday wish list. The toy sells out fast, and becomes expensive and hard to find. This year’s hot picks are Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition (aka Baby Yoda) and a realistic toy dog. Scammers are using the toy’s popularity to trick parents out of their money.

Both the University of Texas at San Antonio and San Antonio College are a part of the National Centers for Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity's workforce development program. The coalition of 10 institutions of higher education aims to address the national shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals in the U.S. through their educational programs.

We know that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. As the digital economy continues to rapidly transform the ways in which we learn, work, and play, there is a key piece missing in too many communities across the U.S. — access to technology. It's more important than ever that all Americans have access to digital tools, training, knowledge, and devices so they can participate in the 21st century economy.

The Senate on Nov. 17 approved the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act (H.R. 1668) by unanimous consent, sending the bill to the White House for President Trump’s signature. The House approved the bill in September.

Months into the school year, the one thing many families have learned is how much they rely on a functioning internet connection to access remote classrooms. So education equality experts who are trying to chip away at the many challenges families are struggling with through the pandemic are starting by simply trying to identify which students aren't connected to make sure those households have access to affordable packages.

SEMO Health Network has a new tool in its medical kit to better serve its patients. A primary medical, dental and behavioral health care provider for patients in Scott, Stoddard, New Madrid, Mississippi, Dunklin and Pemiscot counties, SEMO Health Network has received a grant to be among the first Missouri healthcare facilities to join FirstNet.

All the electronic eyes watching students these days have created privacy concerns that merit more attention.


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