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Broadband Matters: Healthcare

Broadband is fundamentally changing how healthcare services are delivered by supporting the interconnectivity between clinic locations, healthcare partners, radiology digital viewing systems, electronic medical records, etc.
  • Healthcare providers can provide critical health information and services to and from many locations around the state.
    • Electronic ICU (eICU)
    • Remote radiology readings
    • Tele-psych service
    • Educational opportunities via video conferencing
  • Patients in rural areas have access to specialists and services that are typically available only in more urban areas.

Healthcare Broadband News

U-I report finds telemedicine saves money, helps draw doctors

A University of Iowa study finds rural hospitals that use telemedicine in their emergency rooms save money and find it easier to recruit new physicians.
Source: Radio Iowa

Lack of Broadband Access Can Hinder Rural Telehealth Programs

As healthcare organizations implement more telehealth programs to support remote patient care, rural broadband connectivity should be considered for applications.
Source: HIT Infrastructure

Healthcare Data Breach Costs Highest of Any Industry at $408 Per Record

Companies that identified and contained a breach within 100 days spent around $1 million less than those that took longer than 100 days.
Source: HIPAA Journal

Your next doctor’s appointment might be with an AI

A new wave of chatbots are replacing physicians and providing frontline medical advice—but are they as good as the real thing?
Source: MIT Technology Review

Virtual reality headset reduces fear of needles

A pediatrician has come up with an innovative solution to distract children from their fear, anxiety and pain using a virtual reality headset. He is the first to conduct a pilot study, published in the journal Pain Management, using this technique in a pediatric setting.

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