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Broadband Matters: Government Services


The access Iowans have to government related services is being transformed by the accessibility to high speed broadband.  Consider the many ways Iowans use government services:

Government communicates with Iowans in real time with activities such as:

  • Electronic Filing
  • Travel & Commerce
  • Driver’s License Renewal
  • Department of Transportation’s traffic cameras
  • Weather alert system

Government Broadband News

Marriott Breach Spurs New Calls for Government Action

The massive data breach Marriott has just revealed has prompted new calls from Capitol Hill for the government to step in and protect the massive amounts of consumer and other data online, whether from hotel chains or Big Tech data collectors.
Source: Multichannel News

FEMA Wants a New Way to Verify Survivors After Disasters

The new system will need to handle up to 750,000 cases at the same time to ensure survivors get what they need while fraudsters get shut out.
Source: NextGov

Here's the FCC's plan speeding up 5G deployments and lowering their cost

As the international race toward full 5G deployment continues, the FCC announced plans for how to up the speed and lower the cost.
Source: TechRepublic

Infrastructure: Statewide Broadband in Kentucky on Track for 2019-20

The Kentucky Wired plan has been delayed and survived a near-death experience during the 2018 legislative session, but the “middle mile” broadband network plan now intends to roll out within 18 to 24 months with its original intent and focus – putting gigabit-speed internet service nodes into every commonwealth county.
Source: Lane Report

What new digital driver's licenses mean for motorists, police

There's an app for almost everything these days. Now driver's licenses are making the transition from a card carried in a pocket or purse to a digital application on your mobile phone. Iowa and Louisiana are planning to issue digital licenses to every motorist who wants one beginning this year.
Source:  NBC News

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