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Broadband Matters: Education

With broadband availability, a culture is created in which learning becomes more interactive in and outside of the classroom. High speed broadband changes education into a more positive collaborative learning experience.
Broadband enables a curriculum without boundaries
  • Online standardized testing
  • Online textbooks
Competing in a global society
  • 1:1 mobile device deployment
  • Participate in online courses
  • Video Conferencing

Education Broadband News

Education ranked worst at cybersecurity out of 17 major industries

The education industry has been ranked the worst in cybersecurity out of 17 major industries. Analysis published last week by SecurityScorecard, a New York City-based IT security company, reveals an incredible risk to students considering the sheer amount of personal data amassed on school networks.
Source: EdScoop

Technology Reduces Need to Miss School in Indiana

Schools are implementing eLearning days, which allow students to learn from home on tech devices when classrooms are closed because of bad weather.
Source: Center for Digital Education

5 critical guidelines for data privacy across school districts

In 2018, managing student data privacy has become a never-ending task. These 5 critical guidelines for ensuring data privacy could help.
Source: EdScoop

190 universities just launched 600 free online courses. Here’s the full list.

In the past 6 years, over 800 universities have created more than 10,000 Massive Open Online Courses.
Source: Quartz

What lessons can higher ed teach K-12 about cybersecurity? 4 experts share their insights

Across the board, one common thread persists: The end user remains the weakest link in a network's defenses.
Source: Education Dive

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