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Digital Divide

High speed broadband access is an essential component to be a global leader in business, education and quality of life. Broadband is the defining tool for ensuring a prosperous economy for generations to come.

Did you know…the United States Census reports that 27% of Americans do not have a high-speed connection at home. 

Connected Nation's studies also indicate that 19.1 million children do not have broadband at home, and 6.1 million of those children live in low-income households. It is also estimated that at least 1.5 million businesses (20%) in the United States do not have broadband technology today. Read Connected Nation's: Why Broadband Matters.

Digital Divide Broadband Articles

What does rural Iowa need? High-speed internet and housing, task forces tell governor

Rural Iowa needs more assistance from the state to address housing shortages and limited access to high-speed internet, three state task forces told the governor Tuesday.
Source: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Iowa: Rural broadband, and the unknown costs of the digital divide

The internet that rural Americans do have is lower quality and more costly than it is for their urban counterparts. “I’ve been out in Iowa and heard people tell me that they can’t get internet. They can’t do their jobs. They can’t access medical files. Their grandkids won’t visit because they can’t get work done out there. But the government is telling them they have three internet providers and that’s just not the case.”
Source: Columbia Journalism Review

Why rural areas can't catch a break on speedy broadband

Everyone agrees on the mission to connect more people. But no one can agree on how to do it. With broadband having become as essential as running water and electricity to improving people's daily lives and providing a standard of living equal to that of urban and suburban parts of the country, policy makers are working together to close the connectivity gap.
Source: CNET

Congress, More Than a Dozen States Consider Legislation to Expand Broadband Access

During the current legislative session, lawmakers have enacted dozens of pieces of legislation to fund connectivity programs, direct more support to projects in underserved areas, streamline policy and procedures, and conduct needed research. These laws and other proposed bills reflect lawmakers’ recognition of how essential high-speed internet has become to peoples’ lives—and the economy.
Source: The Pew Charitable Trusts

USDA Invests $97 Million in Rural Broadband Infrastructure to Improve Service for 22,000 Subscribers in 11 States

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue today announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $97 million in 12 projects to provide or improve rural broadband service in 11 states including Iowa. “A person’s location should not determine whether he or she has access to modern communications infrastructure,” Secretary Perdue said.
Source: US Department of Agriculture

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